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Colac Vets May Open.
Entries are now closed.
The Colac Vets May Open will be held on Sunday 27th May, from Cororooke Hall, Cororooke. Race starts at 10am. More details here.

Proposed New VVCC Constitution.
The VVCC has revised it's Constitution, which is now in its final draft. On 23rd May, there will be a Special General Meeting, to be held at the Phoenix Hotel, 59 Moorabool Street, Geelong, prior to the VVCC Committee Meeting, to consider and vote on the following special resolutions:

1. Change of name to Veteran Cycling Victoria Inc (VCV)

2. Adopt the new constitution, to comply with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012

All members are entitled to attend and vote at the Special General Meeting. The VVCC Secretary, Clive Coomber, will be sending out an email to all members, inviting them to attend the meeting and to peruse the Constitution, which can be downloaded here.

Photos from National Championships, Maryborough.
Richard Bailey has kindly made his photos taken at the Australian Veterans Cycling Championships, held over Easter at Maryborough, Victoria, available to all. The photos are grouped in three folders, one for each event. You can watch them as a slide show or download a higher quality image of yourself for posterity! Photos were taken at times between other duties so there are some gaps in who he got pictures of. Photos can be found here.

Change of VVCC Secretary.
After 5 years of service, David Phillips has retired as the VVCC Secretary at the January 2018 VVCC AGM. The VVCC Executive, member clubs, and the AVCC, would like to thank David for his dedicated and excellent service to the VVCC and to Veterans cycling during his time as Secretary. Best wishes David in whatever you do in the future. We would also like to welcome Clive Coomber as David's replacement, and look forward to working with Clive in the coming years. Clive's contact details can be found here.

Update on Disc Brakes in VVCC events.
At the Special Meeting of the AVCC, held on the 6th September, 2017, the use of disc brakes on bikes was reviewed, and it was decided that disc brakes may now be used in all AVCC and VVCC events.

VVCC Scratching Policy for Entry to Open Events.
It was decided at the March 22nd VVCC Club Delegates meeting that riders wishing to scratch from an Open event could do so up until midnight on the night entries close, but no later. A refund of the entry money will be made less a $5 administration fee. Transfers to future events will no longer be available. To scratch from an event contact us by email.

Local Club Membership and Entry to Open Events.
Riders are reminded that it is a requirement for them to have ridden at least 3 races at the club they have joined for their club handicapper to be able to gauge their form and grade them for entry to a VVCC Open event. Riders who join clubs remote to where they live and have never participated in their member club's events cannot be graded by their club handicapper, and thus will not be eligible to ride VVCC Open events. It is strongly recommended that you join the VVCC affiliated club where you will race during the year, so that you qualify for VVCC Open event entry.

Time Trial and Over the Ear Helmets
The VVCC would like to remind riders that Time Trial helmets, and similar "cut off" types of helmets without a tapered tail (and often have a face shield), that cover the ears, are not approved for road racing by the VVCC. Only standard road race helmets are to be used in any club or VVCC Open road race events.

Heatstroke and Insurance
Members are advised that your insurance does not cover heatstroke or similar conditions when racing or training in hot weather. Please use common sense when racing or training in hot weather.

Contacting the State Handicapper at Open Events
Under no circumstances are riders to contact the State Handicapper at Opens to discuss their marks. Please go through your Club Handicapper if you have any issues with your mark at an Open.

Tail Lights Required
Riders are reminded that tail lights must be fitted to bikes at all VVCC and club events. They are to be attached securely to the bike, set to not flash (some riders are epileptic) and to be visible from at least 100 metres.



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