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About the VCV

Veteran Cycling Victoria (VCV) is the controlling body for Veterans Cycling in Victoria. It was set up to cater specifically for the needs of older racing cyclists, many of which felt that the other racing bodies were not doing enough to promote and organise cycling events for older cyclists.

The VCV has nine member Victorian clubs with a total membership of approximately 900, and is affiliated with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). The AVCC is the umbrella body for Veteran Cycling in Australia, and has affiliates in all Australian states and the ACT. The total membership for all Australian states is well over 3000.

The VCV member clubs each provide one or more delegates that make up the Committee of Management, generally meeting about every two months. The AGM is usually towards the end of January each year.

The VCV actively promotes veteran cycling in Victoria, and also officiates at club organised "Opens" - events organised by a local club to which cyclists from around the state travel to compete, usually in a handicap event, but sometimes "Opens" take other formats, such as age group scratch races.

Veteran age groups start at 30 for women and men, with the age taken at the start of the year of your birthday. For example, if you turn 30 in August 2020 then you are eligible for membership at the start of 2020. If you are 58 in November 2020, then you are regarded as being 58 for all of 2020. Memberships are no longer available as the VCV ceased operations on 31st December 2020.


Veteran Cycling Victoria as it exists today was first incorporated in 1985 as the Victorian Veteran Cycling Council, then changed its name to Veteran Cycling Victoria in 2018, but veteran racing existed in various forms for several years before that date.

A "professional" group of veterans raced for several years as a part of the old League of Victorian Wheelmen (LVW) and another group developed under the amateur banner. The late Cec Cripps is credited with much of the effort in the early days to promote veteran cycling in Victoria.

Cec was also the organizer of several overseas trips for veterans and long distance promotional rides. In the late seventies several clubs emerged and a club in the southern suburbs of Melbourne (formerly the Southern Vets Club) registered as the Veteran Cycling Association of Victoria.

As similar groups were emerging in other states the Geelong club staged the first "independent" Australian Veteran Cycling Championships at Queenscliff in Victoria in 1980. Several states were represented and there were discussions about forming a National Council.

The move did not develop at this stage, but since becoming completely autonomous the group that became known as 'The Veteran Movement" has progressed in leaps and bounds.

International Cycling Federation

The VCV, through the AVCC, is now affiliated with the International Cycling Federation (ICF). This is an organization based in Belgium that was formed for similar reasons to the Australian and Veteran Cycling Victorias. The ICF is comprised mainly of clubs from England and Belgium and now Australia.

The International Cycling Federation (ICF) is an international body that caters for veteran cyclists who wish to ride outside of UCI jurisdiction. The body is made up of its constituent member associations and has its headquarters in Belgium. Of the affiliate associations the Belgium Cycling Selection (BCS) and the British League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) are two of the biggest.

These national bodies have their own affiliated clubs which hold races all year round. In Belgium it is possible to race on most days of the week while in England there are several races to choose from each weekend and the occasional mid-week race.

European racing is conducted in age group categories. The UK organisation encourages riders to race in the category in which they feel most comfortable and as such allows riders to ride above their age group, but any rider doing so is ineligible for a prize. Unlike Australia the age group of a rider is determined by the age of that rider on the date of the race.

AVCC riders are welcome to compete in races organised by these bodies and their affiliates, however, because of current insurance complications, any AVCC members wishing to race with these bodies should first contact the secretary of the AVCC before proceeding abroad, so as to resolve the insurance issues.

The ICF conducts an annual World Cup Championship on the first Sunday of August each year, generally held at a different location each year.

The official ICF web site contains links to relevant pages for the World Championships, including entry forms and event details.


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