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VCV Teams Aggregate
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The VCV Club Teams Aggregate is a teams competition between VCV affiliated clubs, with team points available at each Open handicap event throughout the year. Clubs need to have 4 riders finish the event to qualify for Teams Aggregate points on the day, with the first 4 riders to finish making up the club team for that event.

After the race, club team members are allocated points depending on their placing in the race, ie a 6th placed rider gets 6 points, a 24th placed rider gets 24 points, with the 4 club riders points added to form the club team score for that race. The club with the least number of points for their 4 riders is the winner on the day.

Points awarded for winning teams on the day are as follows:

1st - 11 pts 2nd - 9 pts 3rd - 8 pts 4th - 7 pts 5th - 6 pts
6th - 5 pts 7th - 4 pts 8th - 3 pts 9th - 2 pts 10th - 1 pt
The Winning Club will be presented with a perpetual trophy.
Previous years results - 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015
VCV Club Teams Aggregate 2020
Cancelled for 2020 due to Coronavirus
Results after the Central Vets Profound Civil Contracting Open
Club Name Team Score Aggreg Points Year Total
Central Vets 14 11 11
Northern Cycling 52 9 9
Geelong Surf Coast 77 8 8
Eureka Cycling 82 7 7
Colac Vets 0 0 0
Eastern 0 0 0
Warrnambool 0 0 0
Grampians 0 0 0
Goulburn Valley 0 0 0
Hume 0 0 0
VCV Club Teams Aggregate Rules
1. The club team in each event shall comprise the first four club members to finish that event.
2. Clubs must have at least four finishers in any event to score Aggregate points in that event.
3. The sum of the placings of the first four individual club members in an event gives the club team score for that event.
4. The club team with the lowest club team score is considered the winner of the teams race for that event.
5. The club team with the next lowest club team score is considered the second placed team, and so on for all clubs with eligible complete teams (ie those with four finishers).
6. For any particular event where there is a tie of club team scores, the team whose last scoring rider finished nearest to first place shall be the winning team.
7. There is no required minimum number of events for a club to be eligible to win the VCV Club Teams Aggregate.
8. The club that accumulates the most team points throughout the race season will win the VCV Club Teams Aggregate for that year.
9. In the event of a tie on premiership points at the end of the season, teams shall be separated on the following basis :

a. The tied teams shall drop the points of their worst race result for the season, then based on the remaining points the highest scoring team shall be the winner of the VCV Club Teams Aggregate.

b. In the event the teams are still not separated the above process shall be repeated until the tie is broken and the winner determined.


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