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AVCC Insurance Cover

Insurance information can be updated regularly, so it is recommended that you visit the insurers website Arthur J Gallagher for the latest information.

To download the latest claims form, and information policy and summaries, visit the above link and click on the "downloads" tab

Note - you need to have your own Ambulance cover, as it is not included in your insurance.

A Few Points About Cover

Who is insured?
All registered AVCC members including employed coaches, registered officials, administrators and voluntary workers.

Geographical Limits
Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada

$1,000 each and every occurrence

What is covered for AVCC members?
For registered members of the AVCC, benefits are applicable to injury occurring during any and all bike riding activities 24hrs a day, unless the AVCC insured member is competing in an event or race that is not conducted under the endorsed protocols of the AVCC Inc. Cover also includes staying away from home and travel to take part in sanctioned competitions, training sessions or administrative activities. Participant to participant cover is included.

Volunteers may also be covered when engaging in activities that have been organised by and are for the AVCC.

An injury, in context of this policy, refers to a bodily injury which:
- is sustained during the policy period and whilst engage in the insured activities
- is a result of an accident caused by sudden, violent, external and visible mean
- occurs solely and directly and independently of any other cause, including any illness, sickness, disease, pre-existing physical or congenital conditions or heatstroke.

How do I make a Personal Accident claim?
The AVCC needs to be made aware of your injury at the time of the occurrence, or within 7 days after.  Please ensure an injury report form is completed by contacting your club representative.

To make a claim for an injury, take the following steps within 30 days of the injury occurring.

1. Obtain a claim form from your club Secretary or download one from Gallagher's website

2. Arrange for your doctor to fill in the medical section and your club Secretary/President/Treasurer to complete the declaration. Get your employer to fill out their section if relevant.

3. Return the form to Gallaghers within 30 days of the injury.

For more information, visit the Arthur J Gallagher website.







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