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Results 2012
VCV Open Results for 2012
13th Oct 2012 Bill Long 70km Camperdown to Warrnambool
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Simon Bone Eastern 7:00 min.
2nd Justin Vincent Warrnambool 7:00 min
3rd Marco Bramucci Northern 15:30 min
4th Tony Giuliano Northern 7:00 min
5th Malcolm Lloyd Geelong 10:00 min
6th Kane Airey Geelong 10:00 min
7th Rick Buckwell Geelong 7:00 min
8th Jeff McLean Warrnambool 7:00 min
9th David Serra Warrnambool 7:00 min
10th Rohan Creed Warrnambool 7:00 min
11th Clement Fries Gippsland 13:00 min
12th Colin Morris Northern 10:00 min
13th Stefan Kirsch Eastern Scratch
14th Wayne Collins Warrnambool 10:00 min
15th Marcel Musco Northern 18:30 min
FT Stefan Kirsch Eastern Scratch
Winners Time 1:48:22, an average speed of 39.31 kph
Winners Time 1:48:22, an average speed of 39.31 kph
7th Oct 2012 Geelong Open 61km Scratch Races
Race Placings
Division 1
Place Competitor Club
1st Steve Young Geelong
2nd Tony Giuliano Northern
3rd Neville Laffy Goulburn
4th Tony Mirabella Eureka
5th David Tozer Warrnambool
Division 2
Place Competitor Club
1st Rick Buckwell Geelong
2nd Leigh Kelly Warrnambool
3rd Simon Bone Eastern
4th Kylhn Heath Geelong
5th Justin Vincent Warrnambool
Division 3
Place Competitor Club
1st Nick Brown Colac
2nd Colin Morris Northern
3rd Clement Fries Gippsland
4th David Pike Geelong
5th David O?Dwyer Warrnambool
Division 4
Place Competitor Club
1st Marcel Musco Northern
2nd Greg Chapman Central
3rd Mark Purdie Colac
4th Graham Nicolson Gippsland
5th David Spence Geelong
Division 5
Place Competitor Club
1st Stephen O?Brien Hume
2nd Rebecca Luppino Colac
3rd Amanda Hosking Geelong
4th Steve O?Dowd Colac
5th Tony Spark Geelong
23rd Sept 2012 Hume Vets 57km George Goodwin Memorial
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Terry Stewart Northern 25:00 min
2nd 2nd Brian Long Geelong 25:00 min
3rd Philip Hollingworth Northern 29:00 min
4th Kay Huggins Hume 25:00 min
5th Jodi Uphill Hume 25:00 min
6th Donald Brisbane Goulburn 29:00 min
7th Kerry McCredden Central 29:00 min
8th Graeme Parker Eureka 25:00 min
9th Brian Farrell Eastern 29:00 min
10th Alan Lea Hume 25:00 min
FT Leigh Egan Goulburn Scratch
Winners Time 1:36:08, an average speed of 35.58 kph
Fastest Time 1:15:58, an average speed of 45.0 kph
9th Sept 2012 Eureka Vets 62km Open
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Roy Clark Eastern Scratch
2nd Steve Young Geelong Scratch
3rd Neville Laffy Goulburn Scratch
4th Tony Mirabella Eureka Scratch
5th Brian McNamarra Warrnambool Scratch
6th Andrew Joiner Central 2:00 min
7th Mathew Grealy Hume 4:00 min
8th Peter Kiel Eureka 2:00 min
9th David Tozer Warrnambool Scratch
10th Rodney Cheyne Gippsland 18:30 min
FT Roy Clark Eastern Scratch
Winners Time 1:24:18, an average speed of 41.42 kph
Fastest Time 1:24:18, an average speed 0f 41.42 kph
2nd June 2012 Central Vets 65km "Oppy Race"
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Lance Wearne Eastern Vets 34:00 min
2nd Terry Schintler Central Vets 4:30 min
3rd David Mohi Goulburn Vets 4:30 min
4th David Mann Hume Vets 4:30 min
5th Ivan Howes Eureka Vets 4:30 min
6th Darrell Wheeler Orana Vets 6:30 min
7th Mick Anderson Central Vets 6:30 min
8th Rick McIntosh Central Vets 4:30 min
9th Glenn Farrow Central Vets 4:30 min
10th Sheridan Hall Central Vets 6:30 min
FT Tom Leaper Eastern Vets Scratch
Winners Time 2:01:13, an average speed of 32.18 kph
Fastest Time 1:29:51, an average speed of 43.4 kph
20th May 2012 Colac Vets 65km May Open
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Brian Long Geelong 35:00 min
2nd Allan Sandford Eastern 35:00 min
3rd Jeremy Tatchell Colac 25:30 min
4th Murray Mathews Colac 29:00 min
5th Len Murfitt Colac 25:30 min
6th Wendy Bennett Central 25:30 min
7th Rebecca Luppino Colac 25:30 min
8th Ian Sumner Geelong 35:00 min
9th Mark Collins Northern 29:00 min
10th Steven Bright Central 35:00 min
FT Cam Shaw Colac Scratch
Winners Time 2:05:47, an average speed of 31.00 kph
Fastest Time 1:31:47, an average speed of 42.48 kph
25th April 2012 Northern Vets Benghazi 76km Open
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Kevin Russell Northern 14:00 min
2nd Peter Cooper Northern 11:00 min
3rd Russell Gilbey Central 11:30 min
4th Peter Sens Central 14:00 min
5th Clem Fries Gippsland 11:30 min
6th Daron Collier Northern 17:00 min
7th Caitlin Fraser-Jones Central 11:30 min
8th Michael Hartman Northern 11:30 min
9th Ian Ravescroft Northern 17:00 min
10th Tom McDonough Northern 11:30 min
FT Peter Ferrie Northern 3:00 min
Winners Time 2:04:54, an average speed of 36.5 kph
Fastest Time 1:54:27, an average speed of 39.84 kph
9th April 2012 Cec Cripps 65km Handicap
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Kim Bamford Northern 35:00 min
2nd Malcolm Clasolm VLCC - SA 8:00 min
3rd Alison Dyson WCMCC - WA 23:00 min
4th Clive Coomber Warrnambool 8:00 min
5th Steve Monks Grampians 10:00 min
6th Amanda Rhook Eureka 23:00 min
7th Jason Shipcott Grampians 10:00 min
8th Brian Long Geelong 27:00 min
9th Ian Ravenscroft Northern 14:30 min
10th David Wohlers Hume 12:00 min
FT Tom Leaper Eastern Scratch
Winners Time 2:04:23, an average speed of 30.14 kph
Fastest Time 1:31:36, an average speed of 41.26 kph
25th March 2012 South West Credit/Robbie Hall 62km Memorial
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Darren Bott Colac 24:00 min
2nd Mathew Ritchie Eureka 20:30 min
3rd David O'Dwyer Warrnambool 20:30 min
4th Paul Allen Colac 20:30 min
5th Brian Long Geelong 33:00 min
6th Andrew Jeffers Warrnambool 24:00 min
7th Gerard Hickey Colac 20:30 min
8th Rodney Cheyne Gippsland 20:30 min
9th Kate Winnen Warrnambool 20:30 min
10th Tony Spark Geelong 24:00 min
FT Cam Shaw Colac Scratch
Winners Time 1:43:53, an average speed of 34.65 kph
Fastest Time 1:24:57, an average speed of 42.38 kph
11th March 2012 Central Vets 66km O'Brien Contracting Open
Race Placings
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Daniel Barrie Central 12:00 min
2nd Geoff Pollard Central 12:00 min
3rd Darren Terry Eureka 12:00 min
4th Mick Russell West CMCC 14:30 min
5th Marcel Musco Northern 16:30 min
6th Ricky Lovell Central 14:30 min
7th Ian Ravenscroft Northern 16:30 min
8th Gary Leech Central 14:30 min
9th Michael Sait Central 16:30 min
10th Brian Share Central 19:00 min
FT Leigh Egan Goulburn Scratch
Winners Time 1.34.06, an average speed of 40.80 kph
Fastest Time 1.24.25, an average speed of 45.49 kph
26th Feb 2012 Goulburn Valley 56km Dookie Open
Race Results
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st Anthony Reeckman Hume 22 min
2nd John Tielen Goulburn 22 min
3rd Wendy Bennett Central 22 min
4th Colin Stokes Hume 22 min
5th Stephen Fairless Goulburn Scratch
6th Neville Laffy Goulburn 2 min
7th Tom Leaper Eastern Scratch
8th Darren Roberts Northern 2 min
9th Mark Currie Hume 4 min
10th Peter McDonough Geelong 4 min
FT Stephen Fairless. Goulburn Scratch
Winners Time 1:34:19, an average speed of 33.08 kph
Fastest Time 1:13:45, an average speed of 42.30 kph


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